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Josiah Morgan
Josiah Morgan

Acer Bios Password Generator

BiosBug was created to help anyone in need to remove/reset laptop's bios password's! We take no credit for coding or generating passwords. All data origins from online sources. is visual extension to commonly available data.

acer bios password generator

I got this laptop from a dump a year ago and the previous user set a BIOS password (note that the keyboard has a spanish layout). As I tweak the BIOS sometimes, it is hard for me to use a BIOS password generator to get to the BIOS, because I need to have another PC alongside to do it.

I still have that laptop (albeit, in a rather poor shape, but functional), and it just happened I came across this really cool github repo: dogbert/bios-pwgen. The guy reverse engineered the password protection behind lots of machines, including the Phoenix BIOS on mine.

Personally have not had many Sony's with bios passwords but when i did then i had to do some serious searching to find free service to unlock Sony Vaio bios and believe me there's not too many of them around.

If your Sony Vaio is older model and gives you 7 digit recovery key then this blog is not for you because bios password generator only works for newer models and recovery key looks like xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx

That's it your bios should be now reset and clear for all passwords. Just remember not to turn off your laptop until you generate password because there will be new Key generated every time laptop starts. If by any reason you turned off laptop then take a note of the new key and go back to BiosBug and generate new password. See video above how to remove password. 350c69d7ab


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