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Vaughan Asbury's General Ophthalmology 17th Ed, 2007 0

Vaughan Asbury's General Ophthalmology 17th ed, 2007 0

Vaughan Asbury's General Ophthalmology is a classic reference book that covers the diagnosis and treatment of all major ophthalmic diseases, as well as neurological and systemic diseases causing visual disturbance. The book was first published in 1958 by Daniel Vaughan and Taylor Asbury, and has been updated and revised by various authors over the years. The 17th edition was published in 2007 by Paul Riordan-Eva and John P. Whitcher, and features a new full-color presentation, an increased number of color photos, and cutting-edge content additions and updates.

Vaughan Asbury's General Ophthalmology 17th ed, 2007 0


The book is divided into 25 chapters that encompass pathophysiology, basic science, and the latest clinical perspectives on various topics such as anatomy, embryology, ophthalmologic examination, ophthalmic therapeutics, lids, lacrimal apparatus, tears, conjunctiva, cornea, uveal tract, sclera, lens, glaucoma, retina, vitreous, strabismus, amblyopia, neuro-ophthalmology, ocular disorders associated with systemic diseases, immunologic diseases of the eye, special subjects of pediatric interest, genetic aspects of ocular disorders, ocular orbital trauma, optics refraction, preventive ophthalmology, and lasers in ophthalmology. The book also includes a glossary of terms relating to the eye, a list of abbreviations and symbols used in ophthalmology, and resources for special services for the blind and visually impaired.

The book is intended for medical students, residents, general practitioners, and ophthalmologists who need a comprehensive and authoritative source of information on general ophthalmology. The book is also useful for optometrists, opticians, nurses, and other allied health professionals who deal with eye problems. The book is written in a clear and concise style that facilitates learning and understanding. The book is well-illustrated with diagrams, tables, charts, and photographs that enhance the visual appeal and aid in diagnosis and treatment. The book also provides references to relevant literature for further reading and research.

Vaughan Asbury's General Ophthalmology is a valuable and reliable reference that has stood the test of time and has been widely acclaimed by generations of readers. The book is available in print and digital formats from various sources such as [Google Books] , [Open Library], [Amazon], [Barnes & Noble], [Books-A-Million], [IndieBound], and [McGraw-Hill Education].


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