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Half Elf Tentacle Assault Ds !!BETTER!!

A Japanese doujin circle called Team-DSX has created a retail hentai game for the DS -- sort of. Half-Elf Tentacle Assault is unequivocally hentai -- even the preview image for the visual novel is NSFW in multiple places. The "retail" description is a bit more controversial (for certain values of "controversy"). They're selling the game at Comic Market (Comiket) for 1,980 yen ($18.70) on a CD; to play it, (shifty-eyed, mouth-breathing) buyers then transfer it over to a DS flash card.The distribution model is innovative and neat for the DS: even though the "homebrew game on CD" sale could only work at Comiket, anything that lets "unofficial" DS developers make money from their works is a good thing. Except for the poor half-elves.Close the blinds, then check out: Naughtiness on the Nintendo DS, More Naughtiness on the Nintendo DS[Via Boing Boing Gadgets]

Half Elf Tentacle Assault Ds

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They devised new devilries to defeat each defence, unleashing a plague to overcome Chaqua, levelling Quezotec with the sonic barrage of a billion slaughtered souls in agony, and summoning shadowy tentacles to drag the great triangular temple-city of Zarmuda deep under the sea, where its force dome eventually cracked. After a thousand years of battle, only a handful of Lizardmen temple-cities stood, each a bastion protected by the greatest of the remaining Slann.[1d]

The Dark Elves were arriving in Lustria in larger forces since their discovery of the Black Way, an underground network of subterranean rivers and seas that stretched all the way from the cold lands of Naggaroth. Armies of Dark Elves had been using this route to emerge in the heart of Lustria, allowing them to avoid the lethal dangers of the jungle. The passive approach of the Slann came to an end with the desecration of the Monument of Izzatal and the Elven attempt to capture the Skink Priests from the floating temple of Chotec, but perhaps the most damaging of the Dark Elf assaults was the theft of the Star Stela of Quetli.[1d]

It was clear to the Slann that Chaos was ascendant, and they predicted that the attacks on the nexus points could only be followed by a direct assault upon Lustria itself. Yet Lustria is vast, and where the foe might strike was hidden from their foresight. The mind-miasma that had affected the Mage-Priests since the Great Catastrophe was intensifying, and each Slann felt his orderly and tranquil thoughts pulled in all directions. With the depletion of so many sacred sites, for a time all balance was lost and the Mage-Priests were blind to what was about to occur. From the jungles north of Hexoatl came a vast army, a force composed of thousands of mortal servants of Chaos. A mercenary throng of Dark Elves from Naggaroth led them, acting as scouts for the hordes from the north. At the head of the force, atop a smoke-belching Dragon the shade of midnight, rode a being of purest evil - Vashnaar the Tormentor, an anointed Champion of the Dark Gods.[1d]

As a hybrid of Man and Orc, they have the combat and strategic skills of the former and the raw strength of the latter. One particularly barbaric tradition left-over from their orcish half is to fill their helmets with the blood of their enemies before battle. The smell of it running down their bodies makes them wildly thirsty for more in a variety of gory scenes.

Though they're famously slow-moving (and speaking) Ents are incredibly strong and resilient, as Merry and Pippin tell us: "Their punches can crumple iron like tinfoil, and they can tear apart solid rock like bread crusts." The two hobbits help galvanize Treebeard's herd to destroy Saruman's Isengard stronghold to avenge his assault on their forest, leading to the wizard's demise.

Losing to the Cultist Reaver will have him assault them with his purple tentacle cocks until they pass out. If any of the companions listed above are present, there will be a scene for each where he comments about them while assaulting them. Losing to Master Whisper will have him strike the Champion in the gut, and knock them out using a cloud of pink mist. Losing to the roaming cultists or cultist barricade does not have any special prelude scene.

Depending on how the Champion was defeated will determine how Taldahs takes them down, but regardless; Taldahs' tentacles slither all over the Champion's body, and into their holes. The corruptive seed that Taldahs pumps into the Champion's body takes hold of their mind, and the erotic pleasure is all they think about. No one will be able to stop Kasyrra when the Champion is gone, but why should they care when a lifetime of heavenly tentacles awaits them.

Effect: Etheryn is returned to Alissa while your attention is given to Kas. You're given the choice to either pleasure her or take the risk of going through the portal that she created. Choosing to pleasure her will lead to her keeping you around and being used with her half dragon daughters. Choosing to go through the portal will lead you to fall in the hands of an omnibus who grooms you to be her mindless fuck pet, altering your mind and body to her desire.

Effect: Kas and the champ will fall against Lumia, where she plunges a tendril into the champ. The champ is immediately over taken with lust and loses consciousness. When waking up again, the champ will see that Kas is still struggling to fight, while the champ's body is writhing with tentacles. the champ will then capture Kas with the tentacles and spear her on the champs tentacles, meanwhile the companions, who are also struggling, will be forced taken and violated with tentacles as well.

Matiha chuckles at the sight of the fallen adventurers, chiding that Berwyn hasn't learned anything. She summons forth black tentacles that lift the Champion up and strips them of their clothing. She states they made a mistake following her fool apprentice, and now they are hers. The tentacles waste no time in filling the Champion's holes, and any companions aside from Berywn get similar tentacle treatment. The Champion cums in muffled orgasmic bliss, but the tentacles do not stop. She then places a kiss on their lips, their tongues dancing all the while the tentacles continue their pace. When she pulls back, she comments that if the Champion is a good boy/girl, she'll do that again - to which all they can think to do is agree with her. As the tentacles continue, the Champion thinks to themselves that it wouldn't be so bad being in the Mistress' care, maybe they could even stay here forever.

Groggily, the Champion wakes to find their limbs encased in grey goo, and before them is the greatest sapphic orgy of seal-women they've ever seen. Tollus arrives, thanking the Champion for saving him the trouble of having to go out and find them. He notes that it is amazing to see how effectively his lureling restrained them, that trying to control hundreds of marions all at once tires it out and renders it docile and suggestible; perfect for his purposes. Tollus adds that Kasyrra isn't interested in any of the companions the Champion brought along, so he had them disposed of. He explains that the selkies and sharks were just a proof of concept, and now that he has the Champion, he can deal with Kasyrra. The lureling's goo-coated leathery tentacles proceed to assault the Champion - sapping their mind and body of their free will. The lureling's tentacles are relentless in their single-minded motion to fill the Champion full of its grey goo. Time becomes meaningless as full-body orgasms wracks the Champion over and over again - the psychic presence of the lureling reducing them to Tollus' subservient marion.

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The spider half is armored with hard but light exoskeleton, and their abdomen also has spinnerets and a book lung. As their size is too great to be supported by book lung respiration, they likely have a pair of standard lungs somewhere else in their bodies. Arachne possess sharp claws of the same exoskeleton material, as a means of attack as well as tools for the handling of the webbing, as they are quite dexterous.

Quick-witted, resourceful, courageous, inquisitive and surprisingly tough, Halflings are typically thought to live simple, bucolic lives of content rural peasantry, however, some have also been known to live in travelling caravans, wandering where the winds take them. While sometimes taken by the curiosity for adventure, they have no great ambitions outside of living a comfortable life, full of the simple pleasures of food, celebrating with their friends, strong drink and sharing various little trinkets and baubles. Gift-giving is especially important to them, as is family. As a result, Halflings often have huge families, with a single halfling home containing up to 25 halflings, although that is partially due to their longevity (averaging between 150 to 250 years, depending on the subspecies).Children of a Halfling/Elf parentage are known as "Tallfellows" (the same race name is given to Dwarf/Elf children) or "Elflings", children of a Halfling/Dwarf parentage are known as "Stouts".

Large Arachne Breeds are a demihuman subspecies of Arachne that are far larger than standard arachne with thick legs and a covering of hair. They are very wild and aggressive. In addition to being strong, they also have venom, making them extremely dangerous to approach without caution. However, their venom is not particularly strong or harmful. They are not well-suited to interspecies exchange programs, and when they have interacted with humans, they were arrested for assaulting them and causing other problems.[7] 350c69d7ab


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