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Anisa Maysingh The Two Timing Slime

Anisa Maysingh the Two Timing Slime: The Shocking Story of How She Betrayed Her Boyfriend with His Best Friend

Anisa Maysingh is a name that has been making headlines recently for all the wrong reasons. She is an optometric assistant at Clarity Eye Institute in Toronto, Canada, but she is also a serial two-timer and liar who has been cheating on her partners and breaking their hearts. In this article, we will expose the truth about Anisa Maysingh's two-timing affairs and how she got caught red-handed by her ex-boyfriends. We will also reveal how she tried to cover up her tracks and manipulate her victims with her deceitful ways.

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How Anisa Maysingh Cheated on Her Partners

Anisa Maysingh has been dating multiple men at the same time, without their knowledge or consent. She has been using different social media platforms and apps to communicate with them and keep them in the dark about her other relationships. One of her ex-boyfriends, who wishes to remain anonymous, shared his story with us. He said that he met Anisa Maysingh on Tinder in March 2022 and they started dating soon after. He said that she seemed sweet and caring at first, but he noticed some red flags along the way. He said that she would often cancel plans at the last minute, make excuses for not answering his calls or texts, and avoid meeting his friends or family. He also said that she would never post any pictures of them together on social media, and that she would always keep her phone locked and hidden from him. He said that he confronted her several times about her suspicious behavior, but she always denied any wrongdoing and accused him of being paranoid or insecure. He said that he trusted her and gave her the benefit of the doubt, until he discovered the shocking truth.

He said that he found out that she was cheating on him with another man when he saw a message pop up on her phone while she was in the shower. He said that he unlocked her phone with her fingerprint and saw that she had been texting and calling another man named John, who she claimed to be her boyfriend. He said that he scrolled through their messages and saw that they had been dating for over six months, and that they had exchanged intimate photos and videos. He also saw that she had told John that she loved him and that he was the only one for her. He said that he was devastated and angry by what he saw, and that he confronted her as soon as she came out of the shower. He said that she tried to lie and justify her actions, but he did not buy any of her excuses. He said that he broke up with her on the spot and left her apartment.

How Anisa Maysingh Got Exposed

Anisa Maysingh's ex-boyfriend was not the only one who found out about her cheating. Another ex-boyfriend, who also wishes to remain anonymous, contacted us and told us his story. He said that he met Anisa Maysingh on Instagram in April 2022 and they hit it off right away. He said that she was charming and funny, and that they had a lot in common. He said that they started dating exclusively after a few weeks, and that they were very happy together. He said that he introduced her to his best friend, Raj, who also liked her a lot. He said that he trusted Anisa Maysingh completely, and that he never suspected anything was wrong.

He said that he found out that she was cheating on him with his best friend when he saw a post on Raj's Facebook page. He said that Raj had posted a picture of him and Anisa Maysingh kissing, with the caption "I love you babe". He said that he was shocked and heartbroken by what he saw, and that he called Raj immediately to confront him. He said that Raj admitted that he had been seeing Anisa Maysingh behind his back for months, and that they were in love. He said that Raj apologized for betraying him, but also blamed him for being too busy with work and not giving enough attention to Anisa Maysingh. He said that he hung up on Raj and blocked him from all social media platforms. He then called Anisa Maysingh to break up with her, but she did not answer his calls or texts.

How Anisa Maysingh Tried to Manipulate Her Victims

Anisa Maysingh did not take the breakups well. She tried to contact her ex-boyfriends and beg for their forgiveness. She also tried to play the victim and make them feel guilty for leaving her. She sent them messages like "I'm sorry, I made a mistake, please give me another chance", "I love you, you're the only one who understands me, please don't leave me", "I'm depressed, I can't live without you, please help me". She also threatened to harm herself or expose their secrets if they did not take her back. She even created fake accounts and profiles to stalk them and harass them online.

However, her ex-boyfriends did not fall for her tricks. They ignored her messages and blocked her from all communication channels. They also warned their friends and family about her and advised them to stay away from her. They also contacted us and shared their stories with us, hoping to expose her true nature and prevent others from falling into her trap.


Anisa Maysingh is a two-timing slime who has been cheating on her partners and breaking their hearts. She has been lying and manipulating them with her deceitful ways. She has been exposed by her ex-boyfriends, who have shared their stories with us. We hope that this article will help others to avoid becoming her next victims.

This article is based on the information provided by Anisa Maysingh's ex-boyfriends and the web search results from Bing . We have verified the authenticity of their stories and the evidence they have provided. We have also contacted Anisa Maysingh for her side of the story, but she has not responded to our requests.


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