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Descargar Firmware Tablet Silver Max

CLICK HERE ->>->>->>

Notice: if your modem is not already an OTA modem (From the Factory), you need to be careful on the flash the firmware, if you dont know, contact us via the above links. Because this is a new firmware for your modem, you will need an extra port for plugging your modem into an Ethernet port on your computer. It will help avoid potential errors if your modem doesnt update correctly.

The firmware files that you download are for your Surface as a whole. This is for the build and driver version number that can be used with your Surface Dock and the update tool. The actual firmware file that you download will be the same model-specific build and driver number for all of your devices. You can have different file names for each device, but the type of device needs to be included in the name so the correct file is installed.

Caution: The firmware for your device as installed from the Microsoft website will not work with the update tool because the binary images provided in the download page have not been signed by the Microsoft site. You will need to do a full install on the surface.

Note: the camera will only update if the Serial Number is listed in the About tab. You cannot update the firmware if your model is not listed. If there is no Serial Number or if your serial number appears in the About tab, it will appear as Enter Serial Number. To update your serial number, you can use the "Enter Serial Number" function in the update file. Remove the serial number from all the labels and hardware on your camera. You can choose to receive any of the available updates in your camera's Serial Number status screen. If you are updating for the first time, you will need to enter a serial number. You can check your serial number in the About tab. 3d9ccd7d82


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