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Sultan Nikolaev
Sultan Nikolaev

Big Bang Windows Softwares Mega Collection Pack [262 Software] _VERIFIED_

Marketing efforts towards home users continued in 1990 with the introduction of The Learning Curve: a bundle of A3000 and application software priced at 699 plus VAT, requiring a SCART capable television, or bundled with a colour monitor and Acorn's monitor stand for 949 plus VAT. The software, having a retail value of around 200,[72] consisted of the second, RISC OS compliant version of Acorn's First Word Plus, the hypermedia application Genesis,[73] and the PC Emulator software, with an introductory video presented by Fred Harris.[74][75] Aiming at the "pre-Christmas market" in 1990, another bundle called Jet Set offered a more entertainment-focused collection of software valued at 200 including Clares' Interdictor flight simulator, Domark's Trivial Pursuit, Superior Golf, and the Euclid 3D modelling package from Ace Computing. The price of this bundle was 747.50 which also included a television modulator developed by the bundle's distributor, ZCL, designed for use with "any TV set" and offering a "monitor quality" picture.[76]

Big Bang Windows Softwares Mega Collection Pack [262 Software]


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