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When it comes to these beloved, mystical tubes that grow like swaths of deadly party favors, their preference is for conditions that other types of vegetation can rarely tolerate, growing only in wetlands and bogs.

Above the opening, a hood-like leaf that appears on most species, called the operculum, protects the tube from filling up during heavy rain and guides prey insects inside. Some species, however, such as S. purpurea, actually use rainwater to aid in trapping prey.

Most species produce blooms that mature after pollination to form pods that burst open to scatter the tiny seeds inside. Blooms typically appear between April and May, although S. leucophylla may also produce blooms in the fall.

He sent samples of some of these to the French Academy of Sciences for study, where the botanists on staff concluded that the pitcher plants were merely harboring insects, rather than consuming them as prey. Prior to 1815, it was believed that the tube-shaped structure of the leaves was designed to allow insects and animals, such as frogs, to hide inside.

If you notice that some of the worms have gotten stuck on the inside wall of a tube, use an eyedropper filled with distilled water to add a few drops at a time, allowing the droplets to run down the side and wash them into the fluid below.

Plan to allow 24 inches for pitcher height and a stem length of up to 36 inches for blooms wherever you plant these, and get ready for a show, as the pitchers mature to a deep burgundy with heavily veined white tops!

Other suitable companion plants include orchids such as tuberous grasspinks, lady slippers, and pogonias; butterworts; water irises; and even bog rosemary. Bamboo is suitable, but it also tends to become invasive.

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Janet has experience as science teacher and a scout leader and is interested in outdoor education and steam clean-ups. Janet recently attended the early February Outings Leader Training, and completed her first aid training,

Janet planned and held her first outing in May with Prince George's Outings Chair Lauren Ragsac as her mentor. The 2 mile walk through the glorious trees in Watkins Regional Park was a pleasure for all in attendance who shared observations about the biodiversity of the mature forest and interactions between the forest's living things.

Volunteers spend 10 minutes once a week observing their backyard or another nearby outdoor location to see whether fireflies are present and if so, identifying them by their flashing pattern. Firefly Watch provides all the information you need to get started, including ID tips and how to submit your observations.

Outside of his professional environmental work, Dick volunteers often with the NYS Hemlock Initiative monitoring for Hemlock Woolly Adelgid at sites in Naples and North Rose, NY. He was first drawn to the program because he owns property in the Adirondacks with a stand of mature Hemlock trees, and he now monitors those for HWA as well.

To find training and volunteer opportunities, Dick signed up to receive newsletters from the various land trusts, soil and water conservation districts, lake associations, and conservation groups in his area. This provided him with plenty of opportunities to choose from, allowing him to pick events that interest him most. Dick also enjoys engaging his wife and three daughters to participate in field work with him, sharing learning experiences and enjoying time in the outdoors together. 041b061a72


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