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Hello Neighbor APK - A Thrilling Horror Game with a Twist on Android

If you're wondering how many levels Hello Neighbor: Diaries has, you'll have to explore every corner of the house to find out. Your terrifying neighbor is on the loose, and if you make the slightest mistake, you'll fall into his clutches.

hello neighbor apk pure

For the uninitiated, tinyBuild Games' Hello Neighbor is a game about breaking into your terrifying neighbor's home in an effort to see what dark secrets he holds in his basement. The game already contains a smart AI that will learn from a player's previous break-in attempts and adapts to catch them in the act, but a new Sonic the Hedgehog mod for the game makes the home invasion substantially harder, as well as more horrifying.

Although gameplay videos often showcase the initial break-in phase of the game, Hello Neighbor has a lot more content to explore once users make it into the basement, with creepy robots and a sinister-looking classroom sure to hold some secrets for users talented enough to discover them. Of course, the threat of the neighbor doesn't end once players arrive in the area, and trailers indicate that gamers will be endlessly pursued as they attempt to uncover the intelligent AI's secrets.

2. Before entering the neighbor's house, players can go to the window and observe him. If he is in the house, you can sneak to the back of the house. If he is not in the house, you can directly open the door and enter.


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