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I actually think doing carry on only is easier for winter travel. Got a trip planned for December and January (about 19 days) and will definitely be doing carry on only. The "key" to this type of packing is LAYERS. To give you an idea of how this works for me, here's what I'll be taking: Colors are black, grey slate blue and burgundy 1. Insulated, removable liner rain coat - carry on plane. Note: the liner has down in it and is not the thin, wool version. 2. 2 pairs of shoes - low heeled, waterproof "city style" boots, and a well broken in pair of black leather walking shoes, loafer style. Will wear the boots on the plane. 3. 4 pairs of pants - 2pr. ponte knit pants (grey, black), 2 pr dark wash jeans (wear 1 on plane) 4. 4 long sleeved T shirts (white, grey, slate blue and black)- wear 1 on plane 5. 1 grey turtleneck 6 1 light burgundy merino wool sweater and a wool cardigan same color) 7. merino wool, slate blue drape style cardigan. 8. black cashmere cardigan - wear on plane 1 pair long underwear - top and bottom. Sock liners 9. 4 pr. wool socks (wear 1 on plane) 10. 4 prs. undies and 2 bras.(1 each on plane) 11. 3 scarves (2 light wool, 1 cashmere)(one on the plane!) 12. gloves (put in zipped pockets of raincoat) 13. 2/3 necklaces, 4 pr. earrings. 14. pj's - top and bottom 15. Yoga pants and a hoodie (for lounging and sleeping on plane) Yoga pants rolled up in "personal item". Cold day - long underwear, turtleneck, cashmere sweater/scarf, raincoat. Works to about 25 degrees. If it's colder, I won't be doing much outside anyway!!!

nine black alps love hate zip

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Nancy's packing list is excellent and exemplifies travel (or any) wardrobe coordination very well. Add that to the mantra of taking only things you will wear at least 3 or more times on the trip and planning to wash clothes at least once a week and you'll be good to go. Once again on the Helpline I'll recommend the Vivienne Files for visual examples of these ideas. You might not like the exact items or colors but the concepts work. It is goofy to wear the heaviest stuff and carry a coat on the plane in Tucson with the temps in the 90s when you fly out. It is smart when you arrive in Amsterdam on April 4th and it's windy, rainy and cold, like we did this year. Mid-April was still worthy of a lined coat, hood or hat, gloves and scarf. Under it I wore layers, which I hate, but they were much needed and appreciated. It all fit in a 22" spinner and a small tote, both of which I carried on the plane. Being from BC you should be very well-versed in layers, fleece, polypropylene socks and all the other tricks used up there (I lived near Seattle for more than 25 years) to stay warm and dry. I'd be sure to take or wear some Gore-Tex shoes or boots. We did that on a trip including Iceland, England, Scotland and Ireland a few years back and with the right socks, our feet stayed cozy and dry. Aaah, I see a visit to REI, Eddie Bauer, etc. in your future.

I also find it easier to pack for winter. As you are wearing a coat most of the time anyway you can take fewer items. I just make sure I have a cute coat, hat and gloves. I wear Haflinger wool shoes (those are all I take for winter trips) I also take a pashmina or two and a number of scarves, shawls to layer over my coat if it's really cold. Unless you know for sure that you will be wearing a heavy bulky coat every day I fail to see the logic in wearing it on the plane, because for me the time I need to be able to manage my stuff easily is once I get to Europe...moving about to hotels, using the train, etc. The plane is the easiest part of your luggage. I tend to wear skirts, so I have a few pair of leggings as well as a pair of leg warmers. Black yoga pants are also a great travel item... Under your coat they just look like black pants, they are comfy, you can lounge in them or sleep in them. Great to wear on the plane.

It was eight o'clock when we landed; we walked for a short time on the shore, enjoying the transitory light, and then retired to the inn and contemplated the lovely scene of waters, woods, and mountains, obscured in darkness, yet still displaying their black outlines.


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