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[S3E6] Ice Ice Baby

It may not have been the birth plan JJ had in mind, but at least she didn't end up with Ben cutting her stomach open to deliver her baby on the dining room table in the middle of a wind storm. Oh, the memories.

[S3E6] Ice Ice Baby


Jack finds Dean making his special chili. He tastes. JJ yells from the break room that the baby needs chili. He makes her a bowl and admits to Jack that he's terrified. Andy comes up and comments JJ looks like she's about to pop. JJ then pops.

Vic is entertaining kids with basketball in the barn. Dean comes up and tells her JJ is in labor upstairs. She needs her space and he has a better chance at survival upstairs. A girl asks if the two of them are dating. He says Vic is dating Superman, and he's Brown Hornet. Vic adds his girlfriend is having a baby right now. Dean's not sure she's his girlfriend. Vic says it's bad day for lovers. Vic says she's having her first fight with Jackson. She can't remember how it started.

Pruitt assures JJ that she and the baby are going to be fine while Andy and Maya lay out towels for the delivery. Maya says she fought for the job before Ryan's death. She dumped Jack and went to Sullivan to tell him she was the right person for the job. She told him Andy puts her feelings before the job and lets her personal life interfere. Maya doesn't do that. She is relentless and she thinks that is the right quality for the job. She admits she's a crappy friend and a control freak, but she cares a lot about Andy. Like Pruitt, who's here more often after he retired than he was before, obsessively making sure everything is just right for her. He's obsessive, too, working nonstop like he's running out of time. Maya is like that, although not as good at it as he is. Her words "running out of time" strike a cord with Andy, who realizes what Pruitt has been trying to tell her. Pruitt admits he has a metastasized testicular cancer and only has six months to live, tops. JJ needs to push.

JJ starts panicking. Andy calms her down and assures her the pain won't be but a memory once she holds that baby in her arm. Whenever you feel like quitting, you have a chance to dig deeper than ever to be the hero. JJ screams she was on the pill as she gives the final push. Maya shows her her baby girl. She wraps it in a blanket and hands the girl to JJ. Andy then breaks down and leaves the room.

JJ went into labor during the blizzard. Since they were snowed in, they put her in a warm shower to help her relax. Later, Maya told her that Carina had suggested that she masturbate to relieve her pain and speed up labor. After that, labor progressed and she gave birth to a healthy baby.

Samwell Tarly struggles to build a fire to warm Gilly and her infant. His lack of know-how confirms what Gilly suspected; Sam is highborn. He tells her what to expect once they reach Castle Black and at Gilly's request, sings a song to lull her baby to sleep.

Upon activating the 4 devices and returning to Rhoban, the Commander received a vision from Glint's Egg, emitting a violent glow. Returning to Tarir, the Commander met up with Marjory and Caithe. Ruka reported that the egg was about to hatch, but only the Commander was attuned to the chamber and thus had to enter alone. Just as the egg hatched and a baby dragon burst forth, the new breed of destroyers swarmed the chamber and tried to kill the hatchling. The assault nearly overwhelmed the Commander, but Lazarus appeared and offered his aid against the horde. The Commander reluctantly agreed and the pair eventually drove back the destroyers. Once the battle was over, Lazarus expressed a desire to help guard Glint's offspring, claiming that he had learned from past mistakes and stood with the party against the Elder Dragons. Despite the Commander's better judgement, Marjory agreed to shadow the mursaat and confirm his intentions. Part of her reasons to do so, being a necromancer, was to investigate Lazarus' death and how he had managed to return to life. As a backup, the Commander asked Caithe to stay and watch - a show of faith that Caithe was trustworthy once more. Caithe asked what the dragon should be called, and without pause, the Commander informed her that the dragon was female and would be named Aurene, as if they had known her name all along.

Susan copes with her fear of flying as she and Mark travel by medical helicopter to the scene of the car accident involving a family. During Dr. Keaton's absence, Benton makes a dire mistake with a baby involved in the car crash. Carol deals with an incompetent nurse who can't deal with the stress and the speed of the Emergency Room.

Susan Lewis must overcome her fear of flying when she and Mark Greene fly out to the scene of a serious accident involving a family of four. The mother's injuries are relatively minor but her husband is suffering from memory loss. Their teenage son undergoes surgery as does their 10 day-old daughter, Megan. When Benton is left to complete the operation on the baby, he makes an error and Dr. Keaton has to take over. Nurse Hathaway has started her pre-med studies but is wondering if she'll ever make it. Jeanie Boulet and Dr. Maggie Doyle find themselves trying to deal with the corpse of a patient who wants to be cryogenically preserved. Hathaway has to deal with a ward nurse, Rhoda Sterling, who is rotated to the ER but can't keep up with hectic pace and makes a near fatal error.

Diane, Mr. Peanutbutter, and Sextina all go to the abortion clinic together. Diane learns of all the things that, by law, the doctor has to do before she can have an abortion, which includes learning her baby's favorite color is blue and that she has to watch cute puppy videos by herself.

The wolf is shooed off by Melanie Bird, who is excited at the arrival of this baby. She brings the child inside while Oliver remains wary of the world around him. This world, turns out, is a planted area outside of a fire escape in our world.

Lydia hears a baby crying and a mother yelling at it. She believes it is coming from a large drainage grate in the middle of the parking lot. She kneels to get closer to it and hears a mother preparing to drown her child.

In the preview, Alejandro plays a Good Samaritan named Diego, who is driving in the countryside when he is flagged down by Wendy (Espósito) and Greta (Catalina Sopelana), who is carrying a baby. It seems like Greta has hurt her ankle and needs ice. Her baby also needs a diaper change.

Katy berates the hungover Hicks for getting so drunk the previous night and becoming the annoying "Scary Darry," "Madman Dan," "Wayne the Pain." Dan's nephew Samuel is becoming a big brother, and Dan hopes this will make him more responsible. Wayne hates that reasoning, and still hates Samuel. Daryl reports that the baby is said to be very smart, which Wayne dismisses as the stupidest thing he's ever heard. Wayne attempts to demonstrate the stupidity with Dan and Daryl. Katy walks in to see him babbling baby talk and jerking their thumbs. 041b061a72


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