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Sultan Nikolaev
Sultan Nikolaev

Uchebnik Russkogo Iazyka 8 Klass Trostentsova Chitat

12.Baranov M. T., Ippolitova N. A., Ladyzhenskaia T. A., L'vov M. R.; ed. M. T. Baranov (2001) Metodika prepodavaniia russkogo iazyka v shkole [Russian Language Teaching Methodology in the School] (Textbook for pedagogical higher educational establishments), Moscow. (in Russian)

uchebnik russkogo iazyka 8 klass trostentsova chitat

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26.Uzorova O. V. (2013) Vse osnovnyepravila russkogo iazyka, bez znaniia kotorykh nevozmozh-no pisat' bez oshibok: 4 klass [All the Basic Rules of the Russian Language without knowledge of which it is impossible to write without errors: 4th grade]. Moscow. (in Russian) 041b061a72


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