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Tafsir Kabir Bangla Pdf Download

Tafsir Kabir Bangla PDF Download - A Guide to the Great Commentary of the Quran

Tafsir Kabir is one of the most famous and authoritative commentaries of the Quran, written by Imam Fakhr al-Din al-Razi (1149-1209 CE), a renowned scholar of Islam. Tafsir Kabir covers all aspects of the Quranic interpretation, such as linguistic, grammatical, rhetorical, theological, philosophical, scientific, historical, and esoteric. Tafsir Kabir is also known for its extensive use of rational arguments and debates with various schools of thought, both within and outside Islam.


If you are looking for a comprehensive and reliable source of Quranic knowledge, Tafsir Kabir is a great choice. However, Tafsir Kabir is originally written in Arabic, and its translation into other languages is not widely available. Fortunately, there is a Bangla translation of Tafsir Kabir, which you can download in PDF format from various websites. In this article, we will provide you with some information about Tafsir Kabir Bangla PDF download, and how you can benefit from reading this masterpiece of Quranic exegesis.

Where to Download Tafsir Kabir Bangla PDF?

There are several websites that offer Tafsir Kabir Bangla PDF download for free. However, not all of them are reliable or authentic. Some of them may contain errors, omissions, or distortions in the translation. Therefore, you should be careful when choosing a website to download Tafsir Kabir Bangla PDF from.

One of the websites that we recommend is [Tauhider Dak], which is a Bangla Islamic website that provides various Islamic books and articles. Tauhider Dak has a section dedicated to Tafsir books, where you can find Tafsir Kabir Bangla PDF download link. The translation is done by Imam Fakhr al-Din al-Razi himself, and it is divided into 32 volumes. You can download each volume separately by clicking on the book name, and then clicking on the Google Drive download icon.

Another website that we recommend is [], which is a Bangla online bookstore that sells various books and products. has a section for Islamic books, where you can find Tafsir Kabir 1st Part book for sale. The book is translated by Maulana Abdul Mannan Omar, and it covers the first two chapters of the Quran (Surah al-Fatiha and Surah al-Baqarah). You can buy the book online and get it delivered to your address. Alternatively, you can also download a sample PDF of the book for free by clicking on the "Download Sample" button.

How to Read Tafsir Kabir Bangla PDF?

Tafsir Kabir Bangla PDF is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn more about the Quran and its meanings. However, reading Tafsir Kabir Bangla PDF may not be easy for everyone, especially for beginners or those who are not familiar with Arabic or Islamic terminology. Therefore, we suggest some tips on how to read Tafsir Kabir Bangla PDF effectively:

  • Start with the basics: Before diving into Tafsir Kabir Bangla PDF, you should have some basic knowledge of the Quran and its structure. You should know how the Quran is divided into chapters (surahs) and verses (ayahs), and how to refer to them properly. You should also know the names and meanings of the main surahs and their themes. You can use a simple translation or summary of the Quran to get an overview of its contents.

  • Choose a topic or surah: Tafsir Kabir Bangla PDF covers the entire Quran in detail, but you do not have to read it from cover to cover. You can choose a topic or surah that interests you or relates to your situation. For example, if you want to learn about prayer or charity, you can read the tafsir of Surah al-Baqarah or Surah al-Maun. If you want to learn about the stories of the prophets or the history of Islam, you can read the tafsir of Surah al-Anbiya or Surah al-Kahf.

  • Read with an open mind: Tafsir Kabir Bangla PDF is not a simple or literal explanation of the Quran. It is a deep and complex analysis that involves various disciplines and perspectives. You may encounter some opinions or arguments that are different from what you are used to or what you have learned before. You should not reject them immediately or blindly accept them. You should read them with an open mind and try to understand the logic and evidence behind them. You should also compare them with other sources and consult with knowledgeable people if you have any doubts or questions.

  • Reflect and apply: Tafsir Kabir Bangla PDF is not meant to be read only for information or entertainment. It is meant to be read for guidance and transformation. You should not just read the tafsir and forget about it. You should reflect on the meanings and implications of the Quranic verses and how they relate to your life and circumstances. You should also try to apply the teachings and lessons of the Quran in your daily actions and interactions. You should use Tafsir Kabir Bangla PDF as a tool to improve your faith and practice, and to get closer to Allah.


Tafsir Kabir is one of the best and most comprehensive commentaries of the Quran, written by Imam Fakhr al-Din al-Razi, a renowned scholar of Islam. Tafsir Kabir Bangla PDF is a translation of Tafsir Kabir into Bangla language, which you can download from various websites for free or buy online. Tafsir Kabir Bangla PDF is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn more about the Quran and its meanings, but it requires some basic knowledge and skills to read it effectively. We hope that this article has provided you with some useful information and tips on Tafsir Kabir Bangla PDF download and reading.


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