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[S4E14] Hollow At The Core

The meeting Rukia held with Ichigo are perhaps the only simple part of the shinigami and his endeavors from that point; this being a fact best pointed out by how, when engaging in shinigami activities of any sort, Ichigo sheds behind his physical form for one made of reishi. Within the context of the Bleach universe, reishi is a mystical element that comprises the presence of all spiritual bodies and serves as the core component of Ichigo's powers. With the aid of reishi, Ichigo can move fast enough to leave multiple afterimages in his wake, cut through giant monsters with minimal difficulty, and survive blows that knock him through multiple city blocks. Of course, as impressive as these showings are, shinigami need a weapon with which to escort lost souls and destroy noncompliant Hollows, a sword connected to its owner's soul known as a zanpakuto; Ichigo's is known as zangetsu. Every shinigami possesses a fragment of the zanpakuto's soul within their own, and unlike most other shinigami, Ichigo actually has two zanpakuto to his name, one from his quincy mother, the other a hybrid of the soul reaper and Hollow elements of his upbringing. As shinigami and Hollow are in perpetual conflict with one another, Ichigo struggled to maintain a proper balance between the components of his latter zanpakuto; in the process, he discovered a great number of techniques, including his trademark Getsuga Tenshō. The Getsuga Tenshō takes Ichigo's reiryoku, his spiritual sensitivity and willpower, and converts it to reiatsu, actual pressurized force that, in the case of the technique, is manifested as a massive shockwave. His quincy zanpakuto, meanwhile, grants him Blut Vene powers that tremendously amplify Ichigo's durability. His shinigani training also helped teach Ichigo the ways of swordsmanship and the shunpo, an exceedingly quick flash step. Despite the powers that come from his lineage, his ultimate trump card comes in the form of his ever-increasing series of powerful forms, the first one being the shikai, which is Ichigo's base form, already powerful enough to block a soukyoku with destructive strength equivalent to a million zanpakutos. Following the shikai form is bankai, a form shinigami normally require ten years to attain, as it requires the shinigami to summon the spirit of the zanpakuto to the land of the living. Ichigo, meanwhile, was able to reach the bankai state in a matter of days, and has a massive increase in his physical attributes while in bankai. After the bankai form comes the Visored Hollow Masked Ichigo form, released when Ichigo relented and let his Hollow roots indulge in the action his shinigami form took; should Ichigo lose control, his Hollow form will fully take over his body and adopt the Vasto Lorde form, which can recover from injuries quickly and surviving nuclear bomb-strength hits. On a less malevolent note, his training with Isshin once he learned of his father's history as a shinigami gave Ichigo the opportunity he needed to ascend to the dangai form. As dangai Ichigo, he can casually destroy mountains, survive attacks that tear at the fabric of time and space and even explosions that have dozens of destructive potential stronger than actual nukes, and in turn gives Ichigo access to the ability to merge himself with the Getsuga Tenshō to form the Mugetsu, an overwhelmingly powerful attack that comes at the expense of also draining Ichigo of his powers. In the aftermath of losing his powers, Ichigo then went on a process of recovering from the ordeal, gaining the fullbringer form that was even stronger than his Getsuga Tenshō in the shikai form, making peace with his shinigami, Hollow, and quincy roots, and combining the latter with the Vasto Lorde. Combining the quincy within with the Vasto Lorde, Ichigo can likewise combine their signature destructive attacks of the Getsuga Tenshō and the Grand Rey Cero to make an even stronger hybrid of the two and further amplify it with his bankai state.

[S4E14] Hollow at the Core

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While the remains of the explosion transcend time and space, momentarily interrupting the combatants of another duel for the ages, Naruto decides to rewards his victory with a hearty bowl of ramen, only for a suspiciously lengthy arm to swipe the bowl from him, much to his frustration. The hosts admit that Ichigo was outclassed too greatly to hold his own against Naruto; proving to be inferior in training, skills, and healing compared to Naruto is one of the many setbacks Ichigo had to face in his fight against Naruto. In addition, shinigami may be invisible in the physical realm, but they can be touched and have a tangible presence in the realm all the same. To compare their experiences in matter of the soul, Kurama is able to sense the emotions of others and Naruto has even seen his own soul as it was ripped out of his body before, compounded by the fact that with Asura's Six Paths Sage Mode, he could sense the movements of Madara Uchiha's clones and even hold his own in a battle against several copies of them at once. A further point against Ichigo's favor is that chakra and reishi have different means of usage, but are still spiritual energy. On the topic of speed, Naruto has been shown to dodge lightning-speed punches and even beams of actual light; in comparison, Ichigo has been acknowledged by fellow shinigami Kirinji as having made a week long trip in slightly more than nine hours and that Kirinji has also compared said speed to Ichibei, who, while capable of hitting a foe who was over two thousand miles away from him and appeared next to them in a single second, has been outsped by at least twice that amount before. Comparing the maximum speeds of Ichigo and Ichibei, Ichigo can hit speeds of almost 320 million miles per hour, much less than the light speeds that Naruto has shown reaction to; thus, Ichigo's movement speed is far exceeded by Naruto's reaction speed, but is still faster than the ninja's own movement speed, making it a fair assumption that Ichigo's reaction speed would also dwarf that of Naruto's. However, this advantage was negated by how Naruto's association with Asura's powers gave him greater battlefield awareness, which would prove problematic for Ichigo to work past, further compounded by Ichigo's history of having difficulty with defeating foes that have higher spiritual energy than him. Ichigo's decuple multiplier from his bankai form is his only transformation explicitly given numbering, but for the sake of convenience, the hosts assume that all his forms likewise give him the highest possible boost, which still would do little to aid Ichigo; for example, the Hollow Masked form was barely able to overpower Arrancar, while Ichigo's allies suffered the same fate even after they quintupled their power during the fight. Further driving home the point of how outclassed Ichigo was, they assume all the forms, many of which appeared in contexts unrelated to one another, all had power multipliers of ten and could stack with one another, using Hollow Masked Bankai Ichigo's fight with the Arrancar Ulquiorra as a reference point. Ulquiorra's transformed form is said to be able to destroy the spirit city of Los Noches; the wall surrounding Los Noches is large enough to where it is said a walk from one corner to the gate in the center takes three days, meaning the city itself has a square area of 200 thousand square miles and that to destroy it would require 440 thousand megatons of TNT. Putting that number into their assumed formula of Ichigo's power gains means Ichigo's reiatsu would have the destructive capability of over 440 billion megatons of TNT by the end of his series. Meanwhile, almost all Naruto's chakra burst a hole through the hollow moon of his world. Measuring the size of the blast puts the destructive potential of Naruto's chakra puts it at 480 billion megatons of TNT, 40 billion more than the intentionally highballed estimate of Ichigo's reiatsu; and, unlike Ichigo's estimates, Naruto accomplished this feat without any of his forms or transformations, meaning Naruto can dish out and take blows stronger than Ichigo can handle. Even any technicalities regarding outlier feats can be disqualified for both combatants on the grounds that they were under circumstances that required outside help or had no direct destructive potential. To simplify the subject to its basest elements, although both heroes are some of the most well-known and beloved in their fields, Ichigo had the advantage in speed, but Naruto had the edge in essentially every other category to far greater extremes than Ichigo was capable of ever considering keeping up with.

Later that night, he breaks back in to the Pathfinder project to prove his theory is correct. He hacks into the system and sends commands to the array which, as he predicted, creates the wormhole in the Delta Quadrant. As he attempts to contact Voyager using the array, Starfleet detects and sends security personnel to stop him. Barclay locks out the system and takes refuge in the holodeck simulation of Voyager where he continues to direct the wormhole to locate Voyager. The security officers led by Commander Harkins follow Barclay into the simulation where the faux Voyager crew rebels, even firing on the security officers. Of course, this has no effect except to momentarily distract them as the safety protocols are on. The holo-Torres is destroyed by a pursuing Commander Harkins, who shuts down the primary cooling systems on the holographic Voyager which will cause the warp core to overheat and breach, effectively destroying the entire program unless Barclay complies and releases command back to him. 041b061a72


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