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[FSX][FS9][X-Plane] Navigraph Charts 8.06.12 Update

Navigraph Charts 8.06.12 Update: What's New and How to Get It

If you are a flight simulation enthusiast, you know how important it is to have accurate and up-to-date charts for your flights. Charts are essential for planning your route, avoiding obstacles, following procedures, and landing safely at your destination. Without charts, you would be flying blind.

That's why you need Navigraph Charts 8.06.12 Update, the latest version of the software that provides access to Jeppesen's worldwide IFR and VFR charts library for flight simulation enthusiasts. With Navigraph Charts 8.06.12 Update, you can enjoy the following benefits:


  • A comprehensive library of aeronautical charts from Jeppesen, including Airport and Terminal charts, interactive enroute charts, CAO charts, Airport Familiarization charts, IFR charts, and VFR maps. All charts are easily accessible through a powerful search function.

  • An Avionics Plugin for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 that revolutionizes the features available to the G3000 and G5000 avionics systems used in popular MSFS aircraft like the TBM 930 and Cessna Citation Longitude. With the plugin, you can seamlessly display charts directly on these avionics systems, import your SimBrief flight plans, and use Jeppesen's ChartView software for intuitive chart features.

  • A NOTAM feature that informs you about irregularities and potential hazards that could impact your flight. NOTAMs are notices to airmen that provide information such as hazards, closed runways, military activities, and radio navigational aids that are unserviceable.

  • An AMDB feature that enables the display of highly detailed airport diagrams for over 1,000 airports worldwide. AMDB stands for Airport Mapping Database and is powered by Jeppesen. It provides accurate information about airport layouts, taxiways, runways, gates, and parking spots.

  • A Moving Maps feature that shows your position on the chart in real-time. This helps you find your way in the air and on the ground, especially at crowded airports. You can also overlay weather information on the map to see the current conditions and forecasts.

Navigraph Charts 8.06.12 Update is compatible with all popular flight simulator platforms, such as X-Plane, FSX, Prepar3D, and MSFS 2020. You can use it on various devices, such as Windows PC, MacOS PC, iOS devices, Android devices, and web browsers. You can also sync your data across multiple devices with Navigraph Cloud.

To get Navigraph Charts 8.06.12 Update, you need to have a Navigraph Unlimited Subscription, which costs 9.50 per month or 74 per year. With this subscription, you can access all the features of Navigraph Charts 8.06.12 Update as well as other Navigraph products such as FMS Data Manager and Simlink. You can also download manual updates for more than 160 different addon data formats.

If you already have a Navigraph Unlimited Subscription, you can download Navigraph Charts 8.06.12 Update from the Navigraph website or use the Navigraph Hub application to update your software automatically. If you don't have a subscription yet, you can sign up for one on the Navigraph website or try a free trial for 7 days.

Navigraph Charts 8.06.12 Update is a must-have for any flight simulation enthusiast who wants to have realistic and immersive flights with accurate and up-to-date charts. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your flight simulation experience with Navigraph Charts 8.06.12 Update.

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