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Malayalam Serial

Kanyadanam is an Indian Malayalam-language daily soap opera directed by Manu V. Nair. The show premiered on 23 August 2021 on Surya TV. It stars veteran Devan along with newcomers Anna Dona, Aiswarya Suresh, Aswathy Pillai, Silpa Sivadas and Soufiya Zakhir in lead roles.[1][2] It aires everyday on Surya TV and on-demand through Sun NXT.[3][4] The series is a reboot version of the Tamil series Metti Oli which was broadcast in 2002 and an official remake of Bengali serial Kanyadaan.

Malayalam Serial

The first ever tele-serial in Malayalam was a joint production of Doordarshan and UNICEF entitled "Oru Poo Viriyunnu"-ഒരു പൂ വരയുന്നു (A flower blossoms) which went on air in 1990. The serial was written and directed by Eravi Gopalan, A. Anwar and P.K. Mohanan.

DD Malayalam has entertainment serials, infotainment programmes, news and current affairs, social programmes and film programmes as its major content. DD Malayalam news Varthakal from its inception in 1985 was popular among the viewers for its crisp and 'to-the-point' presentation. 'Varthakal' speaks the 'best Malayalam' among the Malayalam TV Channels.

The show had highest TRP rating in the beginning and towards the last season rating decrease which force the channel to stop the serial. It is the first Malayalam show to be remade in six languages (Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, Bengali,Marathi and Tamil). The show has been retelecast in Asianet Plus in the noon slot of 1.00PM IST since 15 June 2020, but was later cancelled due to low ratings.

One of the famous forgotten Malayalam television serials is Swami Ayyapan. This mythological show was very popular among Malayali masses. It revolved around the life of Lord Ayyapa. This also tried to explain how the ultimate victory goes to the righteous cause. The unrealistic CGI made many of us keen watchers of the show. (It might give you a good laugh now though!)

Malayalam TV has a handful of serials which aired for years. There are serials that have even crossed the 1000 episodes milestone and managed to win the audience's attention. From the longest Malayalam TV serial 'Parasparam' to sitcom 'Uppum Mulakum', here is a look at the longest-running serials on Malayalam TV.

'Karuthamuthu' is yet another longest-running serial on Malayalam TV. Even though the actors had quit the show midway after the show's plot changed completely, it managed to glue the audience for 1450 episodes.

They are both happy that the first child is going to come into the life of Anushree and Vishnu. Anushree and Vishnu shared the joy of having a baby on social media. Pictures of the couple celebrating their birthday are now going viral. Anushree appeared in Valaikap wearing a yellow and red sari, jasmine and garland. The two had shared pictures of Valaikap on social media. Many stars from the serial Ram Gat greeted the two. Anushree and Vishnu were married in April 2021.

The story revolves around Kamala, played by Rashmi Soman. Kamala was a favourite among the female audiences for a long time as the character, serial plot and story structure revealed the gender bias which was quite prominent in Kerala. Kamala was a highly capable, independent and responsible woman, but still she chose to hide her dreams and opinions to be within the socially acceptable norms. Kamala has been portrayed as an epitome of patience, love and sacrifice, yet she does not get back the love or respect from the society. She remains truthful to her partner and his family despite the tortures, torments, and abuse. The show also featured Abhirami in a prominent role. Abhirami later became a popular south movie actress.


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