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Cost Accounting By Sohail Afzal.pdf

Cost Accounting By Sohail Afzal.pdf

Cost accounting is a branch of accounting that deals with the recording, classification, allocation, and analysis of costs incurred in a business. Cost accounting helps managers to plan, control, and evaluate the performance of various activities and processes within an organization. Cost accounting also provides information for decision making, such as pricing, budgeting, product mix, and profitability analysis.

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One of the popular books on cost accounting is "Cost Accounting By Sohail Afzal.pdf", written by Prof. Sohail Afzal and Dr. Zafar Ahmad. This book is recommended for students of B.Com, ADP, ADC, BS (Commerce, Accounting and Finance), BBA, BS (IT), and other related courses. The book covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to cost accounting system

  • System of accounting for costs

  • Costing system

  • Costing and accounting for product cost elements

The book provides a comprehensive and practical approach to cost accounting concepts and techniques. It explains the theory and logic behind each topic with examples and illustrations. It also includes solved problems, exercises, and case studies to enhance the understanding and application of cost accounting principles. The book follows the latest syllabus and guidelines of various universities and professional bodies.

The book is available in PDF format and can be downloaded from various online sources. Some of the web search results for "Cost Accounting By Sohail Afzal.pdf" are:

  • [Cost Accounting Book Solution by Prof. Sohail Afzal and Dr. Zafar Ahmad]: This website provides the solution manual or key or notes of the revised edition of the book. It contains the answers to the questions and problems given in the book.

  • [Chapter 5 Cost Accounting By Sohail Afzal - Docsity]: This website provides a partial preview of the text of chapter 5 of the book. It shows the calculation of unit cost for 30,000 units of output using different cost elements.

  • [Free Cost Accounting Sohail Afzal With Solution - Documents and E-books]: This website provides a link to download the PDF file of the book with solution for free.

The book "Cost Accounting By Sohail Afzal.pdf" is a useful resource for students, teachers, and practitioners of cost accounting. It covers the essential topics and concepts of cost accounting in a clear and concise manner. It also helps to develop the skills and knowledge required for effective cost management and decision making.


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