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Api 560 Fired Heater [UPD] Download Free

Convection or radiant-convective direct-fired heaters can be designed using API RP 560 guidelines and practices created for fired heaters used for general refinery service. These guidelines are established by the American Petroleum Institute (API). Typically if the application involves the direct heating of crude oil, API560/ISO 13705 standard design guidelines will apply. For almost all other applications (i.e. regeneration gas, thermal oil heating, water, glycol, and temperature gases), more optimal designs are available that lower the capital and installed cost, footprint, fabrication, installation time, and freight cost. A practical strategy to use to obtain an API-style design, without incurring unnecessary costs for irrelevant design elements (that are not useful for some applications), is to use API 560 as a guideline with key exceptions.

Api 560 Fired Heater Download Free

Skid-mounted indirect heating systems are often used near oil wells in remote locations, offering precision temperature control by heating oil through a heating medium. Some operations also use direct oil heating, which can be managed properly using low watt-density electric heating elements and convection-only style direct-fired heaters.

Our signature Sigma Thermal convection-style, API 560, and non-API radiant-convective heaters range from 1MM to 80 MM BTU per hour. To learn more about ordering direct fired heaters, contact an expert from Sigma Thermal Solutions today.

API 560, Fired Heaters for General Refinery Service, is a standard developed by the American Petroleum Institute that specifies requirements and gives recommendations for the design, materials, fabrication, inspection, testing, preparation for shipment, and erection of fired heaters, air preheaters (APHs), fans, and burners for general refinery service. API 560 was originally published in September of 1995, with the most recent 5th Edition being released in February of 2016.

Pressure regulating and pressure reducing equipment if located within 10 feet of a direct fired tank heater shall be separated from the open flame by a substantially airtight noncombustible partition.

The following minimum distances shall be maintained between a storage tank heated by a direct fired tank heater and the nearest important building or group of buildings: Ten feet for storage containers of less than 500 gallons water capacity. Twenty-five feet for storage containers of 500 to 1,200 gallons water capacity. Fifty feet for storage containers of over 1,200 gallons water capacity.


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