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How Do You Buy Spotify Premium On Iphone

Unfortunately, it's not possible to subscribe through the iTunes Store to Spotify Premium anymore. The option has been removed from the app, I'm sorry. You can subscribe to Spotify Premium on

how do you buy spotify premium on iphone

I own an iphone and only use spotify on my iphone. If I upgrade on my computer can I use the upgraded spotify on my iphone? If so how do I log in to do that as I can not find the log in part for spotify on my iphone?

That's all well and good. So why is it then that if we sign up for premium using the app on iphone it's 12.99 a month vs 9.99 through spotify directly? And i'm talking about using the subscribe button in spotify on iphone. And since Spotify themselves are now recommending doing it on the website vs on the iphone app... it's APPLES issue, not spotifiy. Apple is charging 3 dollars more, and that 3 dollars is NOT going to spotify.

But your subscription is still with spotify, not Apple. Apple merely provides the store front and secure payment processing system. Spotify should still be providing you assistance with canceling and refunds and such as you are a Spotify subscriber.

OK, this is not like a credit card fee. It's the same 30% cut they take from app developers who sell apps on the store. Free apps don't incur this fee, paid apps do. However, it is VERY unclear to a lot of people that if you click "subscribe" in an app that is already installed, that Apple is taking a cut of that too. Especially, in the case of Spotify, it is definitely not like a "service fee" as they are charging $3 more a MONTH over what spotify charges, not just a 1 time fee. It's not a "service" they are providing at that point as it is automatic payment. My card, my apple id. It's not costing them JACK. They are doing it to push more people to Apple Music, and it's getting annoying the little petty crap Apple is starting to pull these days.

Worst part is, I had to go back on my phone, cancel the auto payment, and deal with it for a month, all so I can then go directly to spotify website, re-subscribe to get the exact same service on the exact same app for $3 less. It's pathetic.

That's all there is to it! Now you know how to download individual songs or even download albums on spotify so you can enjoy your music even when you're not connected to wifi. Thanks for reading, and happy listening!

While streaming music on Spotify, the number of songs you can skip is limited for free users, but premium users have the benefit of skipping unlimited songs, giving you the most bang for your buck. As seen at, if you are listening to playlists, and want to skip through to hear the other songs, you can do so with your premium account. Unlimited skip is a great feature, so definitely take advantage of it when browsing new music. 041b061a72


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