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[S1E1] First Tastes

Synopsis: The Rattrays are brutally beating Sookie as she bleeds on the ground. They are about to kill her when Bill suddenly intervenes. He kills both Rattrays and takes Sookie to the edge of a lake, where he offers her some of his vampire blood, which has special properties that allow her to completely heal instantly. Sookie asks him about being a guest speaker at her grandmother's next meeting and he agrees to that and to call in on her at her house the next evening to meet her family. Meanwhile, Jason is shown a videotape of him with Maudette and it turns out that Jason thought he had choked her to death during sex, but that she was only fooling around with him. Sheriff Dearborne and Detective Bellefleur aren't entirely convinced Jason didn't kill Maudette, but he is eventually released. Tara returns home from work to find her alcoholic mother passed out on the couch and she asks her flamboyant cousin Lafayette, who is also the Merlotte's cook, to take her to a party. He agrees. Jason meets up with an old flame and another Merlotte's waitress, Dawn and the two spend the night together. The next morning, he discovers vampire bite marks on her neck. Sookie learns that the police found the Rattrays' bodies in the wreckage of their trailer and have ruled that they were killed by a freak tornado. Sookie also notices throughout the day that her sense of smell and taste have been enhanced by Bill's blood. That night Bill meets with Adele, Jason and Tara at Sookie's house. He takes her for a starlit walk and they share their first kiss. The next day Dawn heads for work, leaving Jason tied up on her bed. At Merlotte's, Sookie learns that Reverend Theodore Newlin, founder of the anti-vampire church the Fellowship of the Sun, along with his wife and daughter were killed in an accident. Questioning just how far vampires are willing to go, she races to Bill's house to ask him about the incident where she is set upon by three strange vampires, including the bald-headed man seen in Maudette's sex tape.

[S1E1] First Tastes

In an apartment, a naked, young, athletic man, Jason Stackhouse performs cunnilingus on a woman, Maudette Pickens, but notices bite marks on her thighs. At first she lies and says it's a bug bite, but ends up telling him it was from a vampire, and that he paid her a lot of money to bite her. Jason, turned off by this, asks if she is a hooker; stating he does not pay for sex and never will. Maudette rejects his slighting comments and says she is not, telling him who would say no to $1,000. Jason, intrigued at this point, goes on about how he read that someone should have sex with a vampire at least once. Maudette says only once was enough, stating he was too rough, but only to make it clear that she likes it rough. Jason gets turned on, in disbelief, decides that it may be time for him to go, but Maudette tells him she videotaped it, and that they should watch.

When Tara complains about her life, Sookie gives her minimal advice. Sam comes over and sweet-talks Sookie. Until a mysterious man walks in, and Sookie is drawn to him, immediately identifying him as a vampire. Surprised that a vampire came into Merlotte's, Sookie heads straight for his table. The vampire orders a Tru Blood, but Sookie says they do not have any, since the Tru Blood that they previously had went bad due to no one ordering it. She informs him that he is the first vampire they have ever gotten. The vampire orders a glass of wine so he "has a reason to be there". Mack interrupts their conversation, calling Sookie "crazy as a bed bug". The Rattrays then begin speaking with the vampire.

Sam, worried about Sookie, is relieved to see she is alright. As the bar is closing, Sam thanks Tara for helping out. She asks for money for her sudden shift. She indirectly asks to work there, and Sam immediately rejects her. He thinks about, and eventually relents and gives her a job. Sam gives Tara a book detailing recipes for multiple mixed drinks, to which she replies that she was making drinks for her alcoholic mom, Lettie Mae, by first grade. Jason, who is revealed to be Sookie's brother, enters the bar, visibly shaken by something. Tara greets him but gets no response, before explaining that she had been friends with his sister for years, and practically lived in their house, which finally causes Jason to acknowledge her; Tara seems to have feelings for Jason. However, Jason completely turns his attention away from Tara when he sees Dawn, who is just getting off work. Jason leaves Tara some money and runs after Dawn.

Overall, this episode was nothing but amazing. I was pleasantly surprised. For being a first episode that was meant for introduction to the characters. Everything about this episode made me want to watch more. Although, for a introduction episode, it was super gory. There is a ton of blood and guts in this series. I expected it to be pretty rough with those elements simply because Baki The Grappler was quite heavy on the blood and gore.

The first episode was 45 minutes long and premiered as a sneak preview at midnight on October 31, 2015, and it had 233,000 viewers. All following episodes were 30 minutes long, airing from November 7, 2015 to January 2, 2016 on STARZ.

San Francisco is also the home of sourdough and where America's love affair with seasonal cooking took hold. Particularly important to the spread of this philosophy were groundbreaking restaurants like Chez Panisse, run by the legendary Alice Waters, who Rick is keen to meet. But it is also where he got his first taste of Mexican food. Enchiladas, guacamole and burritos were no longer names he had only heard on the radio, so the food of Mexico, an essential part of his culinary imagination, became real.

The episode starts with Tsubaki dreaming about how adolescent boys put in a lot of thought about sex, and who their first female sex partner may be. He's awakened by his alarm clock, and a vague memory of a flower overflowing with necture, an action he shortly replicates by pouring too much honey on his toast.

One day, Tsubaki wakes Urabe at the end of school day, when he returns to the classroom to retrieve his lunchbox. For the first time, her bangs part to reveal her full face, which he finds cute and very enchanting, even though she's drooling a little. After she leaves, he ends up dipping his finger into the drool puddle on her desk and samples it without thinking, it tastes very sweet. He almost immediately wonders what he has done and runs out of the classroom.

Tsubaki asks Urabe to become his girlfriend, but she wants him to prove it to her in a way only he can, after a failed attempt at a first kiss. Tsubaki's way of 'making a move' on her is to show Urabe a picture of his old middle school crush Hayakawa Aika that he's kept in his wallet. Tsubaki explains that he's been unable to forget about Aika, that is, until he started spending time with Urabe. Tsubaki rips up the photo and declares that from now on Urabe is his girlfriend, which seems to greatly impress her. Urabe then explains the reason she laughed so loudly in class that one time was because a voice, or premonition told her that Tsubaki would be the first person she would have sex with.

As Urabe and Tsubaki are first introduced to one another, and circumstances maneuver them into interpersonal exchanges between the two, both seem to have several premonitions, or foreshadowing of possible events or outcomes of what they are, or soon will be, experiencing. Below is a list of some of the premonitions that are presented about the two, and how that has affected them. ( Timing signposts are taken from the English Subtitled DVD version, and are approximate. )

I finished a new program to help with wiki cleanup. This one (the longest so far, I believe) looks at the links and categories on images and outputs a list saying what's missing. If both are missing, it can't know, so this won't necessarily be a complete list. I've put up the list for episode 1 as a trial run to catch any lurking bugs. One thing that can't really be fixed is that random mainspace (or other namespaces that I couldn't rule out entirely) pages may use the images, so those listings can just be removed. Please let me know if you find anything that's missing or that is listed and should not be. I'll do what I can to adjust for anything. Each part of the list is sorted in this order: pages by number of images under them (ties broken alphabetically), then images in alphabetical order (if I run it for multiple episodes, it will be by episode then alphabet). My hope is that this list may also help with finding duplicates when images here are added to all relevant galleries. Also, images may be listed more than once (the average for the first episode is 1.9 listings per image), but I figured sorting by page would be more helpful than sorting by image. Once again, please remove any irrelevant listings and when working on this, try to do a section or two at a time and remove them so they don't get checked multiple times. Please let me know anything that needs to be fixed or adjusted. Thanks! Bobogoobo (talk) 20:45, February 28, 2013 (UTC) EDIT 22:09 UTC: I forgot a note. Anything in Category:Profile images is skipped because those images should not be used in galleries. 041b061a72


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