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Sultan Nikolaev
Sultan Nikolaev

Tango And Cash

It does exactly what it says on the tin - it tangos in and takes your cash! No seriously, any attempt to criticise such big, dumb fun in an intellectual way would be futile and inherently wrong. Placed against its brethren of Lethal Weapon, Beverley Hills Cop, Die Hard, Commando, Cobra et al, the film is much too comical but still gets by on sheer mickey-taking charisma, some over-the-top action and a score that, by turns, is both highly addictive and downright risible. Russell cements his down-to-earth funny-man vibe and more than holds his own in the heroics department against Stallone. Sly, for his sins, doesn't really alter his macho image with those suits or spectacles one iota, but his fake "wild-maniac" turn here is blissfully goofy.

Tango and Cash



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