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Sharon Mayfield

Beatedit for Premiere Pro: How to Edit Videos in Sync with Music Easily and Quickly

Now that the workflow is presented in a much more manageable form than it was before, it is now much easier to create and edit sequences and cuts as quickly as possible. Using the automation of BeatEdit makes creating sequences, cuts, and adjusting the placement of those clips a much faster, smoother, and less stressful experience. Beating and checking the sound quality is a thing of the past. In my audio conversion course, I show my students the benefits of this workflow, which they cannot afford to miss. Bypassing the manual marker creation process might even help save you a lot of time. This is of particular importance if you need to manually keep up with the amount of work that is coming in. In those cases, you can use automation for the marker and beat localization and then manually check the markers to be certain that they are placed correctly.

Beatedit For Premiere Pro

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Using the automation features of BeatEdit, it is possible to create timestretches. For example, if you want to put out a special section of a clip on a specific day at a given time, or you want to connect a clip that is not necessarily on a beat to another clip, you can do this quite easily. If you want to link, or move, a clip to a date that is not on the same beat, you can use the BEAT function. If you know the date, or a part of the date, you can then drag it on top of the beat and then drag it to the desired location. If you want to isolate a part of a clip from a beat, you can use the MARKER function and then move and shrink the markers accordingly. If you want to create timestretches, you can drag clips from a beat to another beat and you will see the marker appear on the clips. Clicking the markers will add or remove them from the timestretch.


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