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Mala Supruga Knjiga Pdf Download

Mala Supruga Knjiga Pdf Download: A Guide for Readers

If you are looking for a historical romance novel that will captivate you with its plot, characters and emotions, you might want to check out Mala Supruga by Milica Jakovljević Mir-Jam. This novel, which was first published in 1937, is one of the most popular works of Mir-Jam, a Serbian writer who wrote many novels and short stories between the two world wars. In this article, we will tell you more about Mala Supruga, its author and how you can download it as a pdf file.

Mala Supruga Knjiga Pdf Download

What is Mala Supruga about?

Mala Supruga, which means The Little Wife in English, is a story of a naive and innocent young woman from the countryside, who marries a doctor from the city. The doctor, however, only marries her for convenience and does not give up his relationship with his long-time mistress. The novel follows the struggles and dilemmas of the little wife, who tries to adapt to her new life and win her husbands love and respect. Along the way, she meets many interesting and colorful characters, such as her husbands family, friends and rivals.

The novel is set in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, in the 1920s and 1930s. It depicts the social and cultural changes that occurred in the country after the First World War and the creation of Yugoslavia. It also explores the themes of love, marriage, family, loyalty, betrayal, jealousy and revenge.

Who is Milica Jakovljević Mir-Jam?

Milica Jakovljević Mir-Jam was born in 1887 in Jagodina, a town in central Serbia. She was educated in Belgrade and Vienna and worked as a journalist and translator. She started writing novels under the pen name Mir-Jam in 1924 and soon became one of the most popular and influential writers of her time. Her novels were characterized by an engaging style, a rich vocabulary and a vivid description of characters and settings. She wrote mainly about womens issues and their role in society. Some of her most famous novels are Ranjeni Orao (The Wounded Eagle), Nepobedivo Srce (The Invincible Heart), Greh Njene Majke (Her Mothers Sin) and Samac u Braku (A Bachelor in Marriage). She died in 1952 in Belgrade.

How to download Mala Supruga as a pdf file?

If you want to read Mala Supruga on your computer or mobile device, you can download it as a pdf file from various online sources. However, you should be careful about the quality and legality of these sources. Some of them might offer low-quality scans or pirated copies that violate the copyright laws. Therefore, we recommend that you use reputable and reliable sources that offer high-quality and legal pdf files.

One of these sources is Scribd, a digital library that offers millions of ebooks, audiobooks, magazines and more. You can access Scribd with a free trial or a monthly subscription of $11.99. You can find Mala Supruga by Milica Jakovljević Mir-Jam on Scribd here: You can read it online or download it to your app.

Another source is Zoboko, a website that offers free ebooks in various formats and languages. You can find Mala Supruga by Milica Jakovljević Mir-Jam on Zoboko here: You can download it as an epub file or read it online.


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