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Divorce Lawyers in Orange County Fighting for Your Rights

Are you considering filing for divorce? Have you been served the papers by your spouse? Choosing the right divorce lawyers in Orange County can make all the difference in your case. At Lopez Scca, our attorneys will protect your rights and interests and leave no stone unturned in obtaining a successful outcome. 

Our divorce lawyers in Orange County are here to listen to your situation and come up with the best possible strategy to achieve your goals. We will stay by your side and walk you through the complete process with seasoned advice and knowledge.


How to File for Divorce?

While the divorce procedure varies depending on where is filed, there are a few common steps:

·       The first step involves filling out the form FL-100 and filing it with the local Family Court Clerk's Office.

·       The form must be served to the spouse via mail or personal service.

·       Once the papers are served, the Form FL-115, or proof of service of summons must be filed with the County Clerk's office.

·       The next step is to fill out and serve the Financial Disclosure Forms.

·       The following steps vary depending on whether your spouse has agreed to a divorce or if there are other issues like child custody, spousal support, asset division, etc.


Schedule a Free Consultation Today

During this confusing time, it's important to remember that you're not alone. Call (714) 733-7065 or send an email to to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your case with Dolores Lopez.


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