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Brittani Strozier Daise

LMFT | Consultant | Reiki Practitioner | Certified Makeup Artist

As a therapist, I'm a caring practitioner that accepts you as you are but also helps you become the person you want to be. I foster a healing space that is non-judgmental, encouraging, and collaborative.  As a consultant and speaker, I leverage my industry experience and technical knowledge in behavioral health and human interaction. I create engaging trainings and workshops that are led by the client's objectives. As a makeup artist, I promote makeup as an extension of beauty and not as a factor of self-esteem. Through professional and friendly interaction, I use my expertise in beauty to produce results that help you feel and look your best.

To balance it all, I ground myself through spiritual practices, such as prayer, meditation, and even naps. I'm consistently inconsistent in the gym, but love trying a new gym or dance class. I love relaxing with my family and friends over home-cooked meals and wine or craft cocktails. 

Find me on Instagram or Facebook to connect or invite me to participate in your next event.

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