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Kotor 2 Unknown Force Powers

I notice there is one mod exist somewhere in the Internet which is for Kotor 1, while I'm not sure does it compatible with TSL, as it also come with other force powers which some of them are actually taken from TSL.

Kotor 2 Unknown Force Powers

Together, the three formed a triumvirate with Traya at its head and her other apprentice, Darth Sion, as the third member. The trio chose individual names for themselves and Nihilus became the Lord of Hunger. The apprentices grew in strength during their training and eventually overpowered their Master. Sion defeated Traya, while Nihilus sapped her energy, before the two Sith exiled her and combined their powers to sever her ties to the Force. Nihilus's affliction developed to the point where the Dark Lord was forced to call upon the dark side of the Force to encase his spirit within his mask and armor to stay alive. Nihilus and Sion then became the main perpetrators of a Jedi purge, causing the virtual extinction of the Jedi Order. Nihilus was responsible for the devastation of the planet Katarr, killing and absorbing the Force energy of the Jedi at the Conclave on Katarr, along with every other living thing on the world, save one Miraluka woman named Visas Marr. Nihilus took Marr from the surface and made her his Shadow Hand.

Nihilus's ship was assaulted and boarded by the Mandalorians in a coordinated final strike against Nihilus. Mandalore led his troops to and aboard the Ravager, while covered by the Republic forces, to assist the Exile and Visas Marr in their advance on the warship's bridge. Four proton bombs were set in strategic locations throughout the ship along their way, the fourth being obtained from the missile bay after a premature detonation risked putting the entire plan in jeopardy. Colonel Tobin, however, met the Exile one last time, though his body was twisted by the dark side from exposure to Nihilus's dark powers in the time since Kreia saved him. Though at first Tobin was hostile towards the Exile, the Jedi informed him that it would only be a matter of time until Onderon would meet the same fate as Telos if Nihilus was to succeed. Tobin, an Onderonian patriot, agreed to help the Mandalorians detonate the charges.

Cal Kestis was a human Jedi Padawan and the main protagonist of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Trained by Jaro Tapal, Cal witnessed his master's death during Order 66, which he himself barely managed to survive. During the Imperial era, he lived on Bracca, working as a scrapyard rigger and hiding his Force powers. While scrapping a freighter, an accident forced Cal to reveal his Force abilities to save a co-worker, exposing him to the Empire, who dispatched two Inquisitors to hunt him down. On the run, Cal was rescued by Cere Junda, a Jedi Knight also in hiding, and worked with her and other allies to find a Jedi Holocron containing a list of Force-sensitive children, which could be used to rebuild the Jedi Order. Once their mission was completed, Cal decided to destroy the Holocron, believing it to be better for those children to discover their own destinies.

Not every "dark side"-user is a Sith; nor is every "light side"-user a Jedi. Within the Star Wars Expanded Universe, people of all species have demonstrated varying "force-sensitive" powers and abilities. These "force-wielders" are often depicted with little to no formal Jedi training in the Force, originating from primitive planets.

This is a useful glitch if you want to have a level 1 Anything/ 19 Jedi. This will allow you to maximize your force points and powers unlike ever before. I just accidently did this today with a level 1 Soldier. Try it out.

The Force is just a vague idea, it has no direct agency. It draws inspiration from ideas around psychic powers, ESP, and a bit of Taoism for flavor. During that time, these ideas were not out of place in science fiction; in fact they were a mainstay. The Foundation series by Isaac Asimov has plenty of psychic characters, it was just thought to be an unknown branch of science, not a fake one.

We start off with things being a big vague and mystical again, in The Force Awakens. There are people showing off new powers, with the scene at the beginning where Kylo Ren stops the blaster bolt in mid-air, but also fledgling force-sensitive people not sure what their powers are or how to use them. There is still a strong connection between use of a lightsaber and force-users, but it is not strictly exclusive.

It comes down to how you define the powers that a force-sensitive person has. Is it just a sensitivity to some sort of vast, cosmic power that you can tap into to? Or is it an individual thing, an internal power that can be used and up transferred, a zero-sum sort of life-power that incidentally you can also use for magic tricks.

As a Dark Lord of the Sith, Revan was proficient in the use of Force storm, and could wreak untold havoc among his enemies with this ability. Revan was able to use the dark side of the Force to tap into his innermost fears, pain and hate, and convert them into intense anger, channeling it to increase his speed, strength, and ferocity during combat situations. In addition, Revan used powers that were able to afflict his opponents. Revan was also capable of using the Mind trick,and could steal knowledge from his opponents and force his will on them.Revan could also perform Force drain.At some point in his life Revan created a Holocron, which was later discovered by Darth Bane, where he contained information of many dangerous and very powerful Force powers and rituals, including the deadly Thought bomb. Revan's knowledge of Sith Lore was greater than the entire knowledge contained in the archives of Sith Academy in Korriban in Bane's time.Though the full extent of Revan's abilities are unknown; prior to his final duel with Darth Malak, the latter acknowledged that Revan had surpassed his expectations.Revan proved his prodigious combat abilities during his struggle against the forces of Sith stationed on Star Forge. He was able to fight his way through large number of battle droids, Sith troopers, and Dark Jedi prior to reaching the position of Darth Malak.Revan also commonly experienced Force visions, which guided him in his quests.

setforceall 1-4 - sets your Force power level to specified number (setforceall 3 maxes out everything, some powers have hidden 4th levels like mind trick) - in base JKA this will cause a bug that gets your saber style stuck, OpenJK fixes that - you can set power manually to avoid it with the below commands

The full extent of Merrin's powers and knowledge of Magick is unknown. However, due to her mastery of some of the oldest and most powerful of all Magick, the Chant of Resurrection, known previously only to Old Daka, whose knowledge of magick was "unprecedented", Merrin can be seen as an extremely powerful Nightsister.

Dark side miasma from DK - I find this one hard to believe since she was on Malachor 5 which could be said to have the same effect on force users to the point it drove them mad. I don't buy that it essentially 'weakened' her own force powers because of all the dark side powers on the planet. The Exile was NO weakling and if her bonds in the force with Revan were used to her advantage she would have the same advantage as he did. And he was powerful in that final battle.

During the player's journey as Revan, they learn to control their Force powers again, becoming an extremely powerful warrior that can destroy entire squads of troops at once and defeat even the most skilled of enemies. After vanquishing Malak and his forces during the events of Knights of the Old Republic, he journeyed into the Unknown Regions of the Galaxy. He would encounter the Sith Emperor and make it his mission to defeat him and the Sith Empire.

He became corrupted by the Dark Side, dueling his former Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi, who defeated and nearly killed him. Vader was left without any limbs and with extensive burns across his body, leading Palpatine to fit him with cybernetics that would keep him alive, although in constant pain. Vader used his pain and anger to fuel his Dark Side powers, becoming one of the most powerful Sith ever and perhaps the most feared. He was the enforcer of the Empire, using his red lightsaber and black armor to strike fear into his enemies, becoming an instrument of terror to fight the Rebels.


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