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Sharon Mayfield

Body Language James Borg Free Pdf Download

Communication is a two-way process. At its most basicsense it requires a minimum of two people: a person who sendsa message and then a recipient. James Borg argues that humancommunication consists of only 7 percent words. All the rest isfrom body language and paralinguistic clues such as tone andinflection.3Another researcher, Albert Mehrabian, argues that 35percent of communication occurs face-to-face whereas the restcomes from non-verbal communication.4 Both studies point to thefact that words are merely just a small portion of the communicationprocess.

Body Language James Borg Free Pdf Download

In order to develop empathy towards our users, we need to do more than listen. We need to observe others, and have a close reading of their behaviours, subtle indications, their non-verbal expressions, body language, and environments. Only once we are able to experience the full range of sensations of others within context can we have a deeper and more meaningful empathic experience. Many times, what our users articulate is only a fraction of the full story. By honing our observation skills, we can fill many of the gaps, leading to a deeper understanding of someone else's experience.

We should have a keen awareness of how our body language sets the scene for trust and engagement between ourselves and the people we are observing or interviewing. On top of that, we need to read and interpret the signals that our users give off via their body language. This is a skill that comes with practice, and thus practice we must. At times, body language might be so subtle that the messages made by our very forms (eyebrows, shoulders, hands, and virtually any other part) as well as how we sound and behave are visible only to practiced readers of body language. If we want to connect with and engage our users on a deeper level, we need to study their body language, body signals, facial expressions, voice intonations, and the positive and negative signs that come from these. Here are some of the little things that you should pay attention to:


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