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Conversations About Parenting Through Racism

This month, I teamed with fellow licensed marriage & family therapist Deitra Baker (@theteachingwife) to provide a space of healing for mothers attending Mater Mea's Moms' Night In virtual event. The topic of our June session was simply community. This topic framed a conversation on the collective and individual challenges of parenting children during the latest tipping point of racism and violence in the United States. Deitra and I addressed the emotional, behavioral, cognitive, and physical impacts of racism through the lens of trauma. To see the beautiful and emotional conversation that took place and the list of resources mentioned in this conversation, click here: THIS MUST BE WHAT PTSD FEELS LIKE': PARENTING THROUGH RACISM [VIDEO]

Deitra and I loving call Mater Mea the "Angie's List for Black Moms". Mater Mea is " a website and community for Black Women at the intersection of Motherhood and career." I highly encourage you to explore all of the perfectly curated content on their website ( and Instagram page (@matermea).

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