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A settlement had been established on the site of the current Kaunas Old Town, at the confluence of two large rivers, at least by the 10th century AD and more settlements were developed in the 11th century AD.[25] Kaunas was first mentioned in written sources in 1361 and at the end of the 13th century the brick Kaunas Castle was constructed to defend the residents from attacks of the Teutonic Order.[26] At the time only two brick castles stood near the Nemunas River (in Kaunas and Grodno), which was the main front line of fights between the Crusaders and Lithuanians.[27] Nevertheless, in 1362 the castle was captured after a several weeks siege and destroyed by the Teutonic Order.[28][29] Lithuanian rulers Kęstutis and Grand Duke Algirdas arrived to assist the castle's defenders, but the castle was already surrounded by the fortifications of the Crusaders and they could only watch the collapse of the castle.[27] Most of the 400 castle's defenders were killed in action and commander Vaidotas of the Kaunas Castle garrison tried to break through with 36 men but was taken prisoner.[27] It was one of the largest and most important military victory of the Teutonic Knights in the 14th century against the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.[30]

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Kaunas is a large center of industry, trade, and services in Lithuania. The most developed industries in Kaunas are amongst the food and beverage industries, textile and light industries, chemical industry, publishing and processing, pharmaceuticals, metal industry, wood processing and furniture industry. Recently information technology and electronics have become part of the business activities taking place in Kaunas. In addition, the city also has large construction industry which includes, but is not limited to commercial, housing and road construction.[149]

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