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Active Client Mac [EXCLUSIVE] Download

To complete any of the steps below, you'll need the email address and password associated with your active and licensed Microsoft 365 subscription or your one-time purchase of Microsoft 365 for Mac. This may be your Microsoft Account or the account you received from your organization. You will also have already downloaded and installed the Office suite.

Active Client Mac Download

Download Zip:

Still not working? Open Safari and go to Preferences > Security tab and make sure Enable Javascript is selected. Then go to the Privacy tab > Manage Website Data > Remove all. Start the download again using Safari.

Recent versions of ActiveState Perl for Windows, Mac and Linux can be downloaded from the ActiveState Platform. Just copy the install script and paste it at a CMD command prompt to complete your installation of Perl. No prerequisite.

This article describes how to deploy and maintain the Configuration Manager client on Mac computers. To learn about what you have to configure before deploying clients to Mac computers, see Prepare to deploy client software to Macs.

To deploy the client to devices running macOS Sierra, correctly configure the Subject name of the management point certificate. For example, use the FQDN of the management point server.

Use the default client settings to configure enrollment for Mac computers. You can't use custom client settings. To request and install the certificate, the Configuration Manager client for Mac requires the default client settings.

The next time the devices download client policy, Configuration Manager applies these settings for all users. To initiate policy retrieval for a single client, see Initiate policy retrieval for a Configuration Manager client.

Hardware inventory: Enable and configure this feature if you want to collect hardware inventory from Mac and Windows client computers. For more information, see How to extend hardware inventory.

Compliance settings: Enable and configure this feature if you want to evaluate and remediate settings on Mac and Windows client computers. For more information, see Plan for and configure compliance settings.

Run the installer on the Windows computer. Extract the Mac client package, Macclient.dmg, to a folder on the local disk. The default path is C:\Program Files\Microsoft\System Center Configuration Manager for Mac client.

Example: If the enrollment proxy point server is named, and you grant contoso\mnorth permissions for the Mac client certificate template, type the following command: sudo ./CMEnroll -s -ignorecertchainvalidation -u 'contoso\mnorth'

To verify that the client installation is successful, open the Configuration Manager item in System Preferences on the Mac computer. Also update and view the All Systems collection in the Configuration Manager console. Confirm that the Mac computer appears in this collection as a managed client.

When you install the Configuration Manager client, use the MP and SubjectName command-line options. Enter the following command: sudo ./ccmsetup -MP -SubjectName . The certificate subject name is case-sensitive, so type it exactly as it appears in the certificate details.

Example: The management point's internet FQDN is The Mac client certificate has the FQDN of as a common name in the certificate subject. Use the following command: sudo ./ccmsetup -MP -SubjectName

If you have more than one certificate that contains the same subject value, specify the certificate serial number to use for the Configuration Manager client. Use the following command: sudo defaults write SerialNumber -data "".

After you replace the client SMSID, when you delete the old resource in the Configuration Manager console, you also delete any stored client history. For example, hardware inventory history for that client.

Discovery of all domains in an Active Directory forest: You can configure the connector to permit users from any domain in the forest to authenticate on a Mac computer. Alternatively, you can permit only specific domains to be authenticated on the client. See Control authentication from all domains in the Active Directory forest.

Detection of and access to extended schema: If the Active Directory schema has been extended to include macOS record types (object classes) and attributes, the Active Directory connector detects and accesses them. For example, the Active Directory schema could be changed using Windows administration tools to include macOS managed client attributes. This schema change enables the Active Directory connector to use supported mobile device management (MDM) solutions.

Please be aware that the "IdenTrust DST Root CA X3" root expiring on 9/30/2021 has been replaced with the "IdenTrust Commercial Root CA 1" self-signed root which is also trusted by the major browsers and root stores since 1/16/2014. You may download the IdenTrust Commercial Root CA 1 at this link: Root Certificate Download.

If you have appliances that are not dynamically updating the root trust chain, they need to be manually updated with the self-signed "IdenTrust Commercial Root CA 1" which can be downloaded at this link: Root Certificate Download.

For most Unix systems, you must download and compile the source code. The same source code archive can also be used to build the Windows and Mac versions, and is the starting point for ports to all other platforms.

or, in many cases, public keys can also be foundat the version-specific download pages, you should see a link to both thedownloadable file and a detached signature file. To verify the authenticityof the download, grab both files and then run this command:

Microsoft Office suite of applications (including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive for Business, Outlook, Publisher+, Access+, Skype for Business) can be downloaded from the Office 365 portal. The latest versions of Office software can be installed on multiple Windows, Mac, and mobile devices, and you can save files in your Office 365's OneDrive to continue working on your files across all devices. Active west campus employees can also purchase discounted work-at-home Microsoft Office from OnTheHub.

Stony Brook University's license with Microsoft gives active students* and active west campus employees** rights to use the software, this includes 1) license, 2) media, and 3) software activation/keys. Managed machines (computers managed by the University) will already have Office installed. Depending on your status on campus and your needs, you can acquire Microsoft Office media and software activation/keys from the options listed below.

Active students* and active west campus employees** can directly download and install Microsoft Office software from Office 365 on up to five devices (installation instructions for Windows and Mac). The software is activated through an active Stony Brook University Office 365 subscription. The license to use the software expires when the student or west campus employee is no longer active.

Active west campus employees** can purchase Microsoft Office downloads for a discounted rate from OnTheHub, and OnTheHub provides an activation key. The license to use the software expires when the west campus employee is no longer active.

Please ensure that you download the correct version and edition of Kurzweil 3000. For example, if you have an account for, you would want to download the subscription/web license edition. If you own version 16 or earlier, click Looking for a Previous Version?

To find your Webroot receipt and download instructions, search "Webroot Product Receipt" in your email inbox. You can use your receipt and download instructions to reinstall Webroot software or install on additional devices.

Q: Is the purchase safe and what guarantees do you provide?A: MacPlus Software Orders and Downloads services are provided by FastSpring, a digital commerce platform. When you place orders for our products, including the download of updates and upgrades, you will be redirected to the FastSpring website. You can read about purchasing through FastSpring here, and review their Privacy Statement here. Please read our Privacy Policy.

Support on the VPN will terminate for security reasons affecting all Cisco AnyConnect clients using below version 4.7 on July 15, 2021. If you are using a Cisco AnyConnect VPN client below version 4.7, you should upgrade as soon as possible.

  • Secure remote connections

  • Super-fast and stable performance

  • Intuitive client setupCross-compatibility between different operating systems and versions

  • Dark mode included

  • Flexible license model

Just go to your email after your purchase and follow the steps to create a Bitdefender Central Account and activate your subscription. Once your subscription is active in your Bitdefender Account, you can start installing & protecting your devices.

Confirmation emails are typically received shortly after an order is placed. Make sure you also check your Promotions and Spam folders if your email client categorizes emails automatically. For more information, check this Support article.


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