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netflix has provided no details about the increase in peer-to-peer traffic other than to say it comes from a variety of sources. but the companys vice president of technical infrastructure, mike mccauley, told the wall street journal that the site is more efficient than ever, having tripled the number of locations where users download content, to 2,500. this seems to have had the biggest impact on the number of downloads. with numerous content providers to choose from, users are now using the netflix site as a fallback.

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indeed, as netflix has grown in popularity, it has been forced to scale its operations up. thats why it is now spending $8 billion a year on content, according to the company. but netflix has also been forced to up the ante with its content. it currently has more than 125,000 hours of programming in its library, including movies, series, kids programming and documentaries, according to the company. in 2016, it launched four new kids channels, each themed to a different culture. the first, netflix kids, allowed children to watch original programming such as paw patrol and paw patrol: aj & the pups.

in addition to expanding its service, the company has also been making changes to how it shares content. in february, it announced that it would be making more movies and tv shows available to subscribers on day one rather than waiting for them to be released on dvd and streaming. it has also introduced a new feature called watch with friends, which will allow members to stream the same tv shows and movies together.


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